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Jarbas Agnelli

Head of Creative

Jarbas Agnelli is a multimedia artist who uses film, photography, and music to communicate ideas. He founded AD Studio, a production company that became internationally known during the last two decades. Jarbas directed more than 650 films, using your particular style of mixing special effects and other filming techniques.

In the 90s, he was already producing entirely digital films and soundtracks in his studio, becoming one of the pioneers of graphic computing in Brazil, where he earned several Brazilian MTV awards.

Before opening AD Studio, Jarbas was an art director at some of Brazil’s biggest ad agencies. His work has given him several national and international awards, such as Professionals of the Year, Cannes, Clio, One Show, Andy, El Ojo, Cyclope, etc. In 2001, he won the Grand Prix in the Clio for his film “The Week”, for Época magazine, as well as 3 Golden Lions at Cannes (Creation, Direction, and Soundtrack).

Jarbas also produces short films in his spare time. His viral piece “Birds on the Wires” was chosen as one of the best videos on YouTube Play Guggenheim and shown in NY, Berlin, Bilbao, and Venice. Jarbas also produced the viral “The City of Samba,” a short film about the Rio de Janeiro carnival, co-directed with Australian Keith Loutit. Both pieces became TED talks, where Jarbas performed with orchestras.

Agnelli’s portfolio also includes “The Empathy Pact,” a global campaign produced for the international nonprofit TECHO, which raised more than $1.6 million for vulnerable families affected by COVID, and “Save the Planet,” a film that tells the story of our planet and ten suggestions for the way out of the mess we created. Most recently, he also directed and produced the four-episode documentary “JK, O Reinventor do Brasil” for TV Cultura in Brazil, which tells the story of the former president of Brazil, Juscelino Kubitscheck.