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Join Fundraising Challenges and Win Purpose-Driven Prizes

Welcome to Good Ask, a fundraising network that helps nonprofits raise unrestricted funds. As a member of our network, your organization can raise flexible funds, and your supporters can win amazing prizes by participating in our fundraising challenges.

With Good Ask, when someone wins, everyone wins!


Experience giving

How to Participate in a Good Ask

Number one


Join a Challenge


Create your fundraising page.

Number two


Choose the nonprofit you would like to support


Our network of nonprofit partners is awesome! Just pick the cause that speaks to your heart!

Number three


Share your fundraising page


Share your page with your friends and family and ask them to donate. You can also donate. You and your selected nonprofit win one point for every dollar you raise or donate!

Would you like to see your favorite nonprofit join the Good Ask Network?

Make a difference

How to Support Your Favorite Cause

At Good Ask, we aim to help our nonprofit partners raise as much as possible to scale their positive impact worldwide.


There are two ways to support your favorite cause:

Join a Challenge

You can join one of our Good Ask Challenges to raise funds for your favorite nonprofit and win amazing prizes. Sign up to create your fundraising page today!


Donate to your Favorite Cause

Are you not into fundraising challenges? No problem! At Good Ask, you can support your favorite cause by donating. We encourage you to support as many causes as you can!


It's a win-win!

How Good Ask Works

With Good Ask, all dollars raised by our nonprofit partners are unrestricted and can be used for specific programs or general operating support. The nonprofit partner keeps 90% of every donation (after deducting payment processor fees). Good Ask holds the remaining 10% of the funds raised to create new fundraising challenges and invest in marketing to help bring new donors and fundraising champions to support our nonprofit partners.

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